Considered to be one of the world’s toughest, most vandal resistant signs available.

This one-piece construction aluminum sign with Die-Raised letters is very resistant to defacing, graffiti, and harsh conditions.

Suitable Uses

High pedestrian traffic Including middle schools, train depots, airport terminals, subway transportation, bus stations, hospitals, high schools, and military structures.

Harsh conditions Such as wastewater treatment facilities, parking ramp structures, exterior school emergency access points, and manufacturing plants.

Green Considerations: Made from recycled aluminum, these signs are designated building life endurance, and 100% recyclable.

Specifications: The Supersine-DRA is fabricated from .102ť aluminum anodized clear, black, or gold. Premium colors of green, red, and blue are available. Die-Raised copy meets ADA requirements with California grade 2 braille where applicable. Background is baked enamel matte or wrinkle finish. Mounting method of tamper-resistant screws supplied with matching painted heads.

Click here to download DRA Specifications