Supersine TFA

Heat and pressure combine to form an integral acrylic or polycarbonate sign that is extremely durable with crisp graphics and letters. The newest member of our sign series meets the most demanding of conditions while being very flexible in design possibilities.

Suitable uses:

Interior and Exterior where design, color, durablility, and ADA standards are required. offices of all kinds, way finding systems, schools, hospitals, transportation facilites, hotels, gaming facilities.

Durable The formed letters and graphics can not be picked or peeled off. The single piece construction means no glued-on, chemically-welded, or laminated letters or braille.

High Resistance to wide range of chemicals, disinfectants and cleaners. High-density material helps prevent penetration of germs and can easily be disinfected without risk of damage to sign (not including painted surfaces).

Green Considerations: The Supersine-TFA is available in a variety of recycled materials including 100% recycled PETG. Please note that this sign is 100% recyclable!

Specifications: Choose your letter styles and graphics. Create your borders and background plates to form your own designs. Standard paint colors are available along with several surface texture options.

Polycarbonate Available: Talk to one of our Identification Specialists to find out how the toughest material can be used for your requirements.

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