Supersine PPA

Photopolymer signs are single-piece, environmentally friendly, and very versatile. All components are integral. The widest range of possiblilities in design graphics can be produced using photopolymer.

Suitable uses:

Graphic, Logos, and Unlimited Letter Styles. These signs can be used in schools, offices, and art driven climates where trademarks, corporate logos, symbols, school mascots or other graphic/letter combo signs are used.

Backgrounds and Letter Colors. Thermal transfer rolls are used to provide permanent top colors. The background can be painted 1st or 2nd surface depending upon the look or durablility you need. This process offers almost limitless design possibilities with very fine detailed raised graphics.

ADA Compliant. Our in-house ADA sign specialists offer sign consulting and design services to help you realize your ideas. Our fabricators will make sure that your corporate identity is expressed with rich graphics and complimentary colors.

Specifications: The Supersine-PPA signs are available in a variety of thicknesses with .032” raised graphics and California grade 2 braille. Back plates of various thickness can be added to provide contrast or strength to the signs. We are able to mix and match our paints to meet most requirements.

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